Redistricting in Washington State is broken. But we can fix it with proportional representation.

Redistricting is all litigation, all the time in our state — to the point where our state commission is no longer the authority on legislative boundaries. Special interest groups, through the legal system, now pick who wins and loses elections. Top 2 Pro is a simple fix to our State House elections empowering voters to choose who best represents us.

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Why Top 2 Pro?

Voting Power

Top 2 Pro allows voters — not legislative leaders or special interests — to decide which parties win or lose elections.

Bi-Partisan Representation

We can bridge the partisan divide by sending more diverse perspectives — rural liberals, and urban conservatives — back to Olympia.

Equality with Voting Rights.

Proportional Representation remedies the effects of racially polarized and majority-bloc voting through allowing communities to share representation —while preventing endless litigation.